Unplugging from News

My first degree was in Political Science so I’ve habitually followed politics both here and abroad.  However, recently, I began to feel overwhelmed by the surplus of information I was taking in.  I say “surplus” because it is exactly that- unwanted, too much, and not of value.  Every spare moment I would grab my phone looking for an update of the news in search of some respite, as if reading more news was going to uncover a solution to today’s problems.  I could go on, but Awaken with JP does a fantastically funny video of exactly what I want to say.  Please watch.  I promise you won’t regret it.

The benefits I’ve experienced by turning off the news completely are:

  1. More time
  2. I’m spending better quality time with my family
  3. Much, much better sleep and as a result waking earlier and feeling invigorated which goes back to number 1- more time!
  4. My stress levels have tumbled so I feel far better able to cope with real stresses
  5. Increased energy!

Turning off the news is not about ignoring what is happening today.  My dedication to being an educated, political participant in our society has not waned.  However, by becoming a seeker and not a receiver, I approach the topics with a calm curiosity and not fear.

Give a news block a try.  You’ll likely feel the results within a day.