Treatment Fees:

Initial Consultation including acupuncture treatment-(1 hour 15 minutes)- £70
If you do not want acupuncture but only herbal medicine, please mention this at the beginning of your treatment.

Follow up acpuncture (45min – 1 hour)- £55

Labour induction treatments do not require a full initial consultation so are £55 for a 45 minute treatment.

Herbal Medicine Fees:

Follow up consultations if you only want herbs and not acupuncture  (30min)- £40

Herbs are additional: £30/ week.*

Herbs come as individual sachets containing granules that are made into a tea.  The tea is typically consumed two times per day before meals.

*Herb prices are based on availability.  There are times when a very expensive herb is required in the formula which will cause the price to exceed the £30/week cost.  However, I will always consult with the patient if this is the case.