The first consultation lasts 40 minutes and you will be asked a detailed history about your condition and yourself. Just like in acupuncture treatments, your pulse will be taken and your tongue will be looked at to assist in a Chinese medicine diagnosis.

I will then make an individual prescription and send it to Donica Health are an RCHM Approved supplier and use a state of the art, fully-automated computer-controlled dispensary system. Daily sachets of your individualised formula will come to your home ( or chosen location) through the post within a couple of days. You will then make a cup of tea using the sachets. This is done very simply by opening the sachet and putting the contents in the bottom of a cup, pouring boiling water over it and letting cool to drinking temperature. This is typically done 2 times a day. It is not uncommon to report a change in the condition within days of starting the herbs although this varies depending on the condition.

Because the herbs packages are labelled, and individually wrapped they can even go with you while travelling.

Follow-up treatments last 20 minutes and if further herbs are needed, they will be posted in the same fashion.