I’m so excited about creating my own treatment space from home.  At home I can easily keep the area Covid clean while also using all the modalities of Chinese medicine such as moxibustion and cupping which many treatment spaces do not allow.  

I do have a dog (friendly and non shedding) so if this is an issue, please let me know.


199 Osborne Road, Brighton, BN1 6LT

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  • Free parking around the corner 150 meters on Beacon Close or PaybyDisplay on Osborne Road
  • Ground Floor room
  • Buses:  26, 46 within a 1 minute walk
  • Beautiful, relaxing environment where I can give a full treatment using moxibustion (burning of herb), cupping, essential oils, heat lamp
  • Note- location comes with a friendly, non-shedding labradoodle dog