Mushrooms for Younger Looking Skin

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Oh, how I wish I would have taken before and after pictures.  I  must admit, I’m  not very good at skin rituals.  I’m a horse woman so I forget to put sun protection on my face and I use Nivea as my daily moisturiser because it’s cheap and thick, so I don’t have to reapply it all the time.  However, about a month ago, I found my skin looking really tired.  Now I know perfectly well that once I got beyond 45, my skin revealed when I wasn’t getting enough sleep or I was just doing too much.  But this was different.  I honestly felt that I had aged a decade within the last few weeks.  I don’t wear hardly any makeup and I didn’t feel like walking the dog without putting some on.  Please keep in mind I don’t have huge issues with ageing.  I’m fine with it, but I don’t like looking in the mirror and being shocked by my reflection.  And that’s what was happening.

Several months ago I missed a talk given by colleague Martin Powell.  In Chinese herbal medicine circles, he’s the mushroom expert.  When it comes to medicinal fungus, Martin is the one I trust.  Fortunately, Martin’s talk is on YouTube.  It’s called “Why All Mushroom’s are Magic“.  I highly recommend watching it, it is utterly fascinating.  One of the things Martin mentions is that he had used Snow Fungus for a treatment and women asked if they could keep taking the snow fungus because they loved how their skin was on it.  You may not be completely familiar with snow fungus but you’ve probably eaten it if, like me, you enjoy your Chinese take-away. snow-fungus Snow fungus is a light coloured, slippery, papery mushroom frequently used in cooking.  Luckily, Martin sells snow fungus in pill form so you don’t have to start each morning cooking mushrooms.

So I decided to give it a test run.  In Japan snow fungus is used to reduce bad cholesterol and fight antherosclerosis.  Animal studies have shown it reduces tumours and increases the activity of natural killer cells.  It’s anti-inflammatory, so really, I had nothing to lose.

After 2 weeks of taking 2 pills each morning I noticed my tired look had gone away completely.  I was confident going out without make up again and, in fact, I felt I was looking better without makeup again.  That look of shock of my reflection had completely gone away.  Ever the skeptic, I thought maybe I was just getting used to my reflection but then my 15 year old daughter (who didn’t know I was taking the mushrooms) stopped me, looked closely at me, put the back of her hand to my cheek and said, “Your skin looks beautiful”.  I laughed.  And she repeated, “No really, your skin looks so even and smooth.”

Sold.  Needless to say, I will continue to take snow fungus.

My family has also been taking Reishi from Martin’s shop (and please use his shop as he is excellent at sourcing quality products and quality is everything when it comes to herbs).  I’ll do a write up on Reishi soon, too!  Watch this space!

xx Liz


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Local Fundraiser for My Son’s Friend

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Usually we do not mix work and family issues.  But this one is important to a local family who have had their life turned upside-down.  My son’s friend, Spike, he’s known since Primary school.  A couple years ago they were roommates when they went on a school trip to Salamanca.  Worried about who he was going to be staying with, he assured me that Spike was a super nice kid- “Yeah, mum, he’s super nice.”  As 16 year old’s, they sometimes walk to their 6th Form College, BHASVIC, together.  Just over a week ago, on a rainy morning at around 8:15am, Spike was hit by a car while walking to class.  He was flown to Southampton and  is in an induced coma with a severe head trauma.  Spike has two sisters and his parents are with him, too.  At a time when we are worrying about whether we are putting up our Christmas tree too early or too late, his family are willing their son better.  Years ago I treated a woman whose child was hours from home being treated for cancer.  She spoke about the financial hardship of not being able to work but also about how life just stopped for them.  She told me how she would look out the hospital window and watch people taking their kids to school and thought, “I used to do that”.  I will always remember the sadness and isolation in her eyes when she shared that with me.  I do not know Spike’s parents.  I know who they are because we’ve done the same school run for many years and we live in the same neighborhood.  But my thoughts are with them every day and my heart breaks thinking of what they are going through.  And, if the Brighton community can ease their financial difficulty as the cost of staying with Spike in Southampton, I know they would be grateful.  Most of the donations to them have been in small increments as many have been donated by children who are donating their pocket money.  My son has worked a part-time job for years and came to me with £100 of rolled up notes to donate.  If you can, please give.  And send a healing thought to Spike. (GoFundMe for Spike)

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MDMA for Trauma

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I’ve spoken about this for many months with colleagues who are in full support of the legalisation of MDMA for a number of conditions.  It’s about time we look beyond the politics and start prescribing effective treatments.

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Unplugging From the News

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My first degree was in Political Science so I’ve habitually followed politics both here and abroad.  However, recently, I began to feel overwhelmed by the surplus of information I was taking in.  I say “surplus” because it is exactly that- unwanted, too much, and not of value.  Every spare moment I would grab my phone looking for an update of the news in search of some respite, as if reading more news was going to uncover a solution to today’s problems.  I could go on, but Awaken with JP does a fantastically funny video of exactly what I want to say.

Please watch.  I promise you won’t regret it.

The benefits I’ve experienced by turning off the news completely are:

  1. More time
  2. I’m spending better quality time with my family
  3. Much, much better sleep and as a result waking earlier and feeling invigorated which goes back to number 1- more time!
  4. My stress levels have tumbled so I feel far better able to cope with real stresses
  5. Increased energy!

Turning off the news is not about ignoring what is happening today.  My dedication to being an educated, political participant in our society has not waned.  However, by becoming a seeker and not a receiver, I approach the topics with a calm curiosity and not fear.

Give a news block a try.  You’ll likely feel the results within a day.

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Be Big

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One of my favourite TED Talks was given by Amy Cuddy several years ago.  I’ve watched it many times and always find it inspiring, funny and informative.  The reason I post it again is because just after New Year people are making goals of getting healthy.  Making ourselves “big” through posture actually helps us react to stress.  This is a 2 minute fix.  As you watch it, listen to the numbers in her studies- they’re incredible.  Enjoy!


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Tea to Improve Vision

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Tea to Improve Vision

Here is a simple tea to improve vision if your computer time gives you eye strain or blurred vision.

Chrysanthemum tea is a common drink in China and has been recognised historically to prevent aging if taken over a long period of time. The Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing says, “taken over a long time it facilitates the qi and blood, lightens the body and prevents aging.”  Ideally, the white flowers have more flavanoids however they can be difficult to find.  Canton Tea does have purple chrysanthemum which will do just fine.  When combined with other ingredients, you can focus it’s benefit.  By adding goji berries the tea benefits the eyes especially when eye strain has occurred.  As well as improving vision, it also prevents dizziness.  In China, they frequently drink it with a little sugar but I find the bitter taste is rather nice.  This is a tea you can drink daily.  Just add a few flowers and a few goji berries and pour over boiling water.  Enjoy!

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