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Liz Lanphier Evans

As an acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner I bring a very non-judgmental approach to my work and welcome everyone.  I love my work.  With over 10 years of practice I am still inspired by the people I meet.

My background is diverse.  After my first University degree in America and some post graduate work, I worked at an Election Commission, on political campaigns, and then taught computer classes for several years in Nebraska, Minnesota, New Jersey and New York.  I then worked for a major investment bank in New York City before moving to London.  It was then, starting in 2006, I began my lifelong studies in Chinese medicine.

A common thread through all of that was that I have worked with horses since I was a child.  Horses introduced me to nature, health, healing, intuition, herbs and acupuncture.  Despite 11 years of University education, horses and nature have been my greatest teachers which is why Chinese medicine resonates so deeply with me.  It is a medicine of keen observation and listening.  My methods float between logical, knowledge based practice and intuitive based methods.  I feel the most effectiveness comes from a dance between the two.