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Liz Lanphier Evans

As an acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner I feel honoured to be given the opportunity to help people. Having worked in a number of different work environments from investment banks to political campaigns, I bring a very non-judgmental approach to my work and welcome everyone.

My interest in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture began in my youth while I was working with horses. When you spend time with people who live their lives mostly outdoors, you learn about the ways in which nature can heal. It is not considered ‘new age’- just necessary. So jewels weed was used to treat poison ivy rash and mustard powder was used for asthma attacks.  I was introduced to acupuncture by new graduate vet when a young horse I had came up with a mysterious lameness that couldn’t be identified. This began a long search for an equine acupuncturist and my journey into complementary health.

In the meantime, I took on a 4 year BA degree and then 2 further years of graduate studies in America and ended up back in New York City working for a major investment bank in the field of technology. In my spare time (which there was very little) I would read acupuncture and herbal medicine books and do yoga. My wonderful but still lame horse traveled with me wherever I moved and I had him treated with about every alternative treatment popular at the time just to find what would work. Not much did but I continued the search.  When I lived in New York, my horse (now fully retired from riding) lived in field in New Jersey owned by a former Olympic rider who regularly used acupuncture to keep her horses competition fit. Finally my horse had an acupuncturist and it worked. He would be lame before the acupuncture and be pain free immediately after. This was also the case with the stable owner’s horses. It wasn’t an issue of ‘belief’- it just worked. After transferring to the London office with my corporate job and then starting a family I decided to change career and dedicate my time and attention to studying acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. It is an utterly fascinating field which continues to amaze me but it is still the very practical aspect that ‘it works’ that keeps me practicing and enjoying my work.

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