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Liz Lanphier Evans

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I studied Chinese medicine for 5 years, full time, in UK University accredited schools and earned a LicAc, BSc in acupuncture and a post graduate diploma/ certification in Oriental herbal medicine. As a member of the leading regulatory bodies in the field: British Acupuncture Council and the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (of which I am a former council member), I am proud to maintain an extremely high level of practice in my Brighton and Hove clinic. In 2013, I accepted a special invite to join the Brighton and Health Wellbeing Centre team, one of the first NHS GP practices in the UK to truly integrate with complementary therapies and healing arts. I am very proud to be a team member of this innovative practice. Please note that you do not need to be registered at this surgery to receive acupuncture or herbal medicine.

As both an acupuncturist and herbal practitioner I offer many options to my patients. My use of herbal medicines is not limited to herbal teas but can include herbal soaks, creams, oils, and even enemas. In my acupuncture practice, I may use heat lamps, acupressure, cupping, electro-acupuncture, or moxibustion (mugwort floss that is burned). However, medicine (acupuncture or herbal) is only a portion of any plan and I always discuss lifestyle such as exercises, nutrition, or meditation as ways to increase effectiveness and maintain results.

I love to learn and so continual learning is a part of my daily practice. In the last few years I have taken advanced courses on dermatology, digestive diseases, fertility, and sports injuries. If you are wondering if acupuncture or herbal medicine is for you, I welcome hearing from you.  You can also book online.

Note: Education and regulatory bodies are important factors in a field that depends on self-regulation. I urge anyone looking for a practitioner to only choose an acupuncturist who is a member of the British Acupuncture Council or a Chinese medicine herbalist from the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine to guarantee proper training and an ethical practice.